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Resource type Business Statistics 3 - Numbas
. 1. Given descriptions of 3 random variables, decide whether or not each is from a Poisson or Binomial distribution. 2. Application of the Poisson distribution given expected number of events per interval. Finding probabilities using the Poisson distribution. 3. Application of the binomial distribution given probabilities of success of an event. Finding probabilities using the binomial distribution. 4. Given a random normal variable X as N(m, var) find P(X > a),a > m; P(X < b), b < m. 5. Given uniform distribution X, calculating the expectation and variance. Also finding P(X=a) for a given value a.6. Question on the exponential distribution involving a time intervals and arrivals application, finding expectation and variance. Also finding the probability that a time interval between arrivals is less than a given period. All parameters and times randomised. Numbas resources have been made available under a Creative Commons licence by the School of Mathematics & Statistics at Newcastle University.

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