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Chi-Squared Tests for Two-Way (Contingency) Tables resources

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3. Teach Yourself Worksheets (4)

Resource type Chi-Squared Tests of Association (Worksheet)
This teach yourself worksheet will show you how to perform a Chi-Squared test for association when you have a contingency table formed from two categorical variables. The focus is on hand calculation but also includes some nots on how to do this using SPSS.
Resource type Chi-Squared tests of Association Using SPSS (Worksheet)
This yourself worksheet provides an introduction to undertaking chi-sqaured tests of associaton for a two-way contingency table using SPSS. Note that the SPSS data set colours.sav referred to in the worksheet is also available here.
Resource type Chi-Squared tests of Association Using SPSS (Worksheet) Data Set colours.sav
This is a zip file containing the SPSS data set called colours.sav for use with Chi-Squared tests of Association Using SPSS (Worksheet). Note: please save this file to your PC before extracting its contents.
Resource type Introduction to Hypothesis Testing (Worksheet)
This teach yourself worksheet provides an overview of the framework used in hypothesis (significance) testing.

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