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New statstutor Community Project resources 18 June 2014

Posted 18th June 2014

A series of 15 PowerPoint Workshops and 13 Quick Reference leaflets with associated data files have been contributed to the statstutor Community Project by Peter Samuels from Birmingham City University.  They have been reviewed by Ellen Marshall from the University of Sheffield.

The resources have been contributed under a Creative Commons licence BY-NC-SA which means they may be used 'as-is' or further adapted for non-commercial use with attribution to the authors.  The topics covered are :

PowerPoint Workshops

  1. Introduction
  2. Questionnaire design
  3. Descriptive statistics 
  4. Excel introduction and Pivot tables
  5. Excel charts
  6. Probability
  7. SPSS
  8. Parametric testing
  9. Nonparametric testing
  10. ANOVA
  11. Simple linear regression
  12. Multiple linear regression
  13. Sampling techniques
  14. Sample size calculations
  15. Critical appraisal

Quick reference leaflets

  1. Measure of middle value
  2. Measures of spread
  3. Pivot tables in Excel
  4. Statistical hypothesis testing
  5. Paired samples t-test
  6. Independent samples t-test
  7. Chi-squared test
  8. ANOVA
  9. ANOVA: additional information
  10. Pearson correlation
  11. Simple linear regression
  12. Simple linear regression: additional information

To access the resources, click here

To access the source files, click here

statstutor are very grateful to Peter Samuels for making these resources available.

New statstutor and mathcentre leaflets 28 May 2013

Posted 28th May 2013

New leaflets are available for statstutor and mathcentre showing the range of resources that are available for staff to support students in their learning of statistics and mathematics in a range of disciplines.  If you are based in a UK Higher Education institution and would like to receive printed copies for display in your mathematics and statistics support centre, please contact Click here to access the statstutor leaflet or the mathcentre leaflet online.

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